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Wood Trusses

Wooden Trusses are made from engineered lumber to meet your structures needs. All of the engineered trusses are available in many styles including gable, scissor, attic, gambrel, etc. Quality Building Supply offers a large variety of customizable styles and lengths.

The following gable wooden trusses are in-stock:
24’, 30’, 40’ in a 4/12 pitch rated for up to 4’ on center with a 16” overhang.

Metal Trusses

Metal Trusses are designed with engineered steel and welded together, including steel cups for lathing. We also offer a large variety of custom options including gable, shed, snoots, etc.

The following are in-stock 24’, 30’, 40’ in a 4/12 pitch rated for up to 10’ on center with an 18” overhang.

Trust Quality Building Supply For Your Trusses 

With fully customizable metal and wood trusses available, all engineered to building regulations, you can trust Quality Building Supply with your trusses. We offer trusses in any size you need, so no matter what you’re building, you can ensure it’s been built using the finest framing available.

Well built, sturdy trusses tend to reduce project costs as they allow you to use less material and make the system more efficient, so make sure you choose Quality Building Supply for all your truss needs.

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